Jesus? Yeah, big fan

So many cool words have been trashed by idiots.

As someone who has followed Jesus for 25+ years, I hardly have anything to call myself that doesn’t evoke warranted cringes from colleagues and peers or sound like a politically correct lame duck phrase (‘Christ follower’ ?? whatever).

Yes, I am a Christian, but not in the vein of Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson — not at all — those guys drive me nuts (so much so that I wish I could cut them out of my spiritual family entirely, but I can’t – which is another post for another day).

The Christianity I identify with has a different set of heroes from the last century — folks like G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Mother Teresa, MLK.

And yet, saying to people outside of my spiritual community that I am a ‘Christian’ evokes more of the former and less of the latter — so much so that I’ve been looking for a better way to describe myself in the various communities I inhabit.

(I suppose you could say I’m looking for a more authentic brand, if you’d rather get facetious about it).

I came across an interview with Bono a while ago that began to hit the nail on the head for me. In it he says —

The most powerful idea that’s entered the world in the last few thousand years — the idea of grace — is the reason I would like to be a Christian.

Though, as I said to The Edge one day, I sometimes feel more like a fan, rather than actually in the band. I can’t live up to it. But the reason I would like to is the idea of grace. It’s really powerful.

I like that idea — ‘fan of Jesus’ as Bono describes it there — it’s got a large helping of humility in it, something that seems to be lost in many of our cross tribal conversations of late.

So, I think I’ll use that phrase for a while — and when I do, know that by it I mean I follow Jesus in a robust inkling Mere Christianity sort of way.

2 thoughts on “Jesus? Yeah, big fan

  1. I was looking for yours and Jen’s email address and stumbled across your website. I like that blog about Jesus. I wouldn’t want to cut out Pat. R. and Jerry F. they probably bring some people to Christ that my style wouldn’t and vice versa for so many other Christians. Although I wish they would tone it down sometimes. Rock on! And send me your email addresses sometime.
    I’ll keep you in my prayers for your new job!

  2. Bryan. I came across your blog via Jen’s blog, via my wife Mollie’s blog. I couldn’t agree more about having frustration about how the name of Jesus gets sullied by those who claim to be his followers (myself included). I guess that’s all a part of it though, which is a frustrating part of humaness (a word?). anyway. glad to know that there are other authentic followers of Jesus out there. Peace.

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